Print and Ship Outsource Services

Defiance Photography is proud to announce our Print and ship service for amateur and professional photographers.

We know how hard it can be to find a way to sell your photos online and get the exposure needed in this global economy.  We are now offering a print and ship service. 

What we offer is a seamless way to sell your photos.  We will set up your gallery of 12 photos, as you see in our galleries.  Upon an order we will print and ship the item to your customer for you.  All photos must be 5MP minimum, and in digital format.  We print 8x10 and 13x19 here in our studio and ship the product un matted to your customer.  The gallery rental fee is $5.95/month (for 36 photos in 3 galleries, unlimited bandwidth)  with no setup fee.  Your E mail and bio will be part of the free setup.  If you have a Pay Pal merchants account we can put the Pay Pal add to cart buttons in your galleries for you.  Your money can be deposited in your Pay Pal account or via a bank deposit of your choice.  You always retain your copyright to the material you wish placed in your gallery and you will hold a contract stating this.  We will also never use your material, as ours, and you will always been given credit for your work.

The reason we can offer this is due to our strong presence in the search engines and if you wish to see that, just type in Defiance Photography to your favorite search engine and see the results.

Prices for the print service vary and we try and make it as affordable as we possible can for you.  We have a global presence and the exposure can only help you in your endeavor.  Shipping can vary greatly and we will quote you general rates as best we can for global shipping.

If you are an amateur and wish to show your work that is fine too.  We are very fluid as to your needs.

If you are interested please contact us via E Mail